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Lección Ciento once (111)

  Algunas coplas recitables A few coplas to say.
1 La ausencia es para el amor
lo que el viento para el fuego :
si poco, le hace mayor,
si mucho, le apaga luego.
Absence is for love
what wind is for fire;
if there is little it makes it greater;
if there is much it puts it out by-and by.
2 Ni contigo, ni sin tí
a mis males hay remedio :
contigo porque me matas
y sin tí, porque me muero.
Neither with you, nor without you
is there a remedy to my evils;
with you, because you kill me,
and without you, because I die.
3 El hombre cuando se embarca
ha de rezar una vez (1),
cuando va a la guerra, dos,
y cuando se casa, tres.
Man when he embarks
must pray God once;
when he goes to the war, twice;
and when he marries, three times.
4 Si me miras y te miro
los dos bajamos los ojos,
y no nos decimos nada,
y nos lo decimos todo.
If you look at me and I look at you,
we both look down [lower the eyes],
and to each other we say nothing
and we say everything,
5 Dos besos hay en el mundo
que no se apartan de mí :
el último de mi madre
y el primero que te di.

There are two kisses in the world
that I don't forget [that don't depart from me];
the last one of my mother
and the first I gave you.

  Un artista. An artist.

Con tanta afición como tiene para la pintura ¿nunca le dió a usted por pintar?

With so much taste that you have for painting, you never had fancy to paint?
2 Si sólo bastara la afición y el gusto creo que sería pintor. If inclination and taste only were sufficient, I think that I should be a painter.
3 Pero ahí. está : me he dado cuenta de que no basta. But here's (the rub); I have realized that this is not enough
4 A usted se lo puedo confesar :
he probado sucesivamente la pintura al óleo, el pastel, la acuarela.
Todavía tengo un taller allá arriba, en la buhardilla,
To you I can confess it,
I have tried successively oil painting, pastel-drawing, water-colours.
I still have a studio, up there, in the attic.
5 Buenas intenciones e ideas nunca me faltaron,
pero, puesto delante de un caballete y un lienzo, con la paleta y el pincel en las manos,
nunca pude sacar otra cosa que mamarrachos infames.
Good intentions and ideas have never been lacking for me,
but once placed before an easel and canvas, the palette and brush in hand,
I could never make [bring out] anything but infamous daubs.
6 Ese bodegón, con marco negro, que ve usted ahí
es precisamente una muestra de las más aceptables de mi producción.
That still life in a black frame, which you see there,
is precisely one of the most tolerable samples of my production..
7 Y si está ahí, es únicamente por empeño de mi mujer.  And if it is there, it's only out of my wife's stubbornness.
  Copla de petenera
Señor Alcalde Mayor,
no prenda usted a los ladrones,
porque usted tiene una hija
(¡niña de mi corazón!)
que roba los corazones.

Señor Chief Alcade
— don't arrest thieves
— because you have a daughter
— (child of my heart!)
— who steals hearts.

The petenera is an old Andalusian dance of a very particular rhythm,
in which a 3/8 time alternates with a 3/4 one.
Formerly the alcade was in charge of the police.
Nowadays, his attributions are roughly those of a mayor

1 Rezar, to pray (God or the saints).
Rogar (ruego), to pray, ask a favour from somebody.

Dar a uno por... to occur to somebody, when it is a whim.
Le dió por salir (vestido) de levita ; he has the fancy to go out in evening dress.

Un cuadro : a picture;
el marco : the frame.