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35 Lección Doce (12)  
  Primeras impresiones

First impressions.

1 La señora vieja ha contestado :
- No señor, no nos molesta (1).
The old lady has answered :
- No, sir, (it) does not disturb us.
2 El inglés fuma su pipa, y mira por la ventanilla. The Englishman smokes his pipe, and looks out of [by] the window.
3 El paisaje, de montanas áridas y de torrentes,
me interesa también,
The landscape, of arid mountains, and torrents,
interests me also.
4 Hay pocos pueblos; es un país pintoresco,
y probablemente pobre (2).
There are few inhabited areas; (it) is a picturesque country,
and probably poor.
5 Después de una hora se detiene el tren en una estación. After [of] one hour, the train stop [detains itself] in a station.
6 Hay mucha gente (3), casi todos hombres.
En efecto, parecen pobres, pero sin ninguna tristeza.
There are many people, nearly all men.
 In fact they look poor, but without any sadness.
7 Cuatro muchachos bailan alegremente, al son de una pandereta,
y otros palmotean con ardor (4).
Four lads dance joyously at the sound of a tabor
and others clap hands with eagerness.

1 He recibido una carta en inglés. (I) have received a letter in English.
2 ¿Habla usted inglés? Do you speak English?
3 Lo comprendo un poco, pero no lo hablo. (I) understand it a little, but I do not speak it.
4 ¿Irá usted al baile (ba-eely) esta tarde? Will you go to the dance this afternoon?
5 No; no sé bailar (ba-eelar) : yo contestaré a esta carta. No; I do not know (how) to dance; I shall answer [at] this letter.

1 To answer is contestar or, less frequently responder.

Just like mucho, the word poco, little, few, varies in the feminine and plural.
Poco humo : little smoke, poca alegria : little mirth;
pocos amigos : few friends; pocas amigas, few (lady-) friends.

3 La gente - the people, singular; or las gentes, plural.
The g, before e or i, has the same guttural sound as the j (noted H).
4 Palmotear (from palma, the palm) : to clap hands in time.
  Remember that Spanish a is always a, even in words like palma, carta or ardor.
  The sentences in our lessons are getting longer;
can you repeat each of them without looking, juss after reading it?
Don't forget that it is by that exercise that you wil gradually succeed in thinking in Spanish.