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28 January 2008

Zemestoon (Winter) زمستون by Afshin Moghaddam افشين مقدم

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Zemestoon (Winter) زمستون by Afshin Moghaddam افشين مقدم
Translation: Mozhgan

زمستون تن عريون باغچه چون بيابون
Zemestoon tane oryoone baghche chon biaboon
(In) Winter the naked(bare) body of little garden is like desert(there isn't any plant in little garden)
درختا با پاهاي برهنه زير بارون
Derakhta ba pahaye berahne zire baroon
Trees with bare foot are under rain
نميدوني تو که عاشق نبودي
Nemidooni to ke ashegh naboodi
You don't know because you were not in love
چه سخته مرگ گل براي گلدون
Che skahte marge gol baraye goldoon
How difficult the death of flower for flower-pot(flower-vase)
گل و گلدون چه شبها نشستن بي بهانه
Gol o goldoon che shabha neshastan bi bahane
At nights flower and flower-pot sat down together(spent nice times with each other) heartily without any excuse
واسه هم قصه گفتن عاشقانه
Vase ham ghesse goftan asheghane
Telling story for each other amorously
چه تلخه، چه تلخه
Che talkhe, che talkhe
How bitter, how bitter
بايد تنها بمونه قلب گلدون
Bayad tanha bemoone ghalbe goldoon
The heart of flower-pot should be alone
مثل من که بي تو
Mese man ke bi to
Like me that without you
نشستم زير بارون زمستون
Neshastam zire baroone zemestoon
have sat under rain of winter

زمستون براي تو قشنگه پشت شيشه
Zemestoon baraye to ghashange poshte shishe
Winter is beautiful for you behind glass
بهاره زمستونها براي تو هميشه
Bahare zemestoona baraye to hamishe
Winters are always (like) spring for you
تو مثل من زمستوني نداري
To mesle man zemestooni nadari
You don't have any winter like me
که باشه لحظه چشم انتظاري
Ke bashe lahzeye cheshm entezari
Being the moment expecting (you)
گلدون خالي نديدي نشسته زير بارون
Goldoon khali nadidi neshaste zire baroon
You didn't see empty flower-pot(without flower) sitting under rain
گلاي کاغذي داري تو گلدون
Golaye kaghazi dari too goldoon
You have paper-flowers(artificial flowers) in flower-vase

تو عاشق نبودي
To ashegh naboodi
You were not in love
ببيني تلخه روزهاي جدايي
Bebini talkhe roozaye jodaei
To see how bitter, days of seperation
چه سخته، چه سخته
Che sakhte, che sakhte
How difficult, how difficult

بشينم بي تو با چشماي گريون
Beshinam bi to ba cheshmaye geryoon
To sit down without you with tearful eyes(Being without you while I'm crying) (3x)


آدم برفيsaid...
I love dis song of Afshin and the album...