Russian for English speakers 1951



Russian for English speakers ABC 02

THE RUSSIAN ALPHABET (continue, page X)




samòvar (1) samovar, tea-urn

This literally means "self-boiler" or "self-cooker"

, amĕrica (2) America  
, passpört passport  


, bĕbby baby

There's no such Russian word, "baby". Someone tried to adopt it, but had failed, miserably.

, barr bar  
, miliohn million  
, Staleen Stalin  
, (3)


Stálingràd Stalingrad


Yes, there're tones above them two ""s - first is rising, and second is falling.

* It's now, again, is called "Volgograd"

, crĕdeet credit  
, álligàtor alligator  
, Ròmanoff (4) Romanoff  
, Azoff Azov (or Azoff)  

, (5)


moon (French "lune")


(1) In samòvar the ò is practically an ah.
(2) The letter , especially when stressed, is pronounced like (ye-) in : yet. We shall represent it by ĕ.
(3) The letter is "g", and always hard, as in get .
(4) The final - is sounded -off.
(5) The letter has two sounds : one slurred (as in pilot, lily) which we have seen in , .
The other, strongly vocalic (as in bell, milk, sold) before , , (oo), , the consonants, and at the end of a word, will be represented by a capital L in our imitative pronunciation.