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05 May 2010

Shenasnamen (Introduction) شناسنامه by Benyamin. Album 88, track #01

Transaltion: Shaya

می دونم چشمای رنگی ندارم
Midoonam cheshmaye rangi nadaram
I know I donít have colored eyes
صورت خیلی قشنگی ندارم
Soorate kheyli ghashangi nadaram
I donít have a gorgeous face
می دونم کوچیکه خونه ام ، می دونم
Midoonam koochike khooneam midoonam
I know I'm the youngest in the house, I know
خیلی بی نام و نشونم ، می دونم
Kheyli bi namo neshoonam midoonam
Im not famous, I know

می دونم ساده س لباسم ، عزیزم
Midoonam sadast lebasast azizam
I know, my dress is so simple (nothing special), my dear
واسه تو یه ناشناسم عزیزم
Vase to ye nashenasam azizam
I'm an unknown person for you my darling
صدای خوبی ندارم ، می دونم
Sedaye khoobi nadaram midoonam
My voice is not that pretty, I know
برای عشق تو اما می خونم
Baraye eshghe to amma mikhoonam
But I will sing for your heart

To listen to the song, clik here


Abdoul Hakime Goul Djounoubisaid...
Very good your translation.
Sorry, I am from Brazil, my name is Goul Djounoubi, and I living in the South. I have 23 years.

Yo soy brasileño, me llamo Goul Djounoubi (es decir La Flor del Sur, en farsi). Tengo 23 años.

I love so much farsi songs.

Me gusta mucho canciones farsis.

But, I cannot speak farsi. Pero no sé hablar farsi.

Can you translate to me 2 Googoosh's sons, and 1 from Homeyra? If you have need, i give you the lyrics.

Me puedes, por favor, traducir dos canciones de googoosh, y una de homeyra? si necesitas, te doy las letras.

Adama, Zartosht.

jahan Kharan.

Tank you very much.
Muchas gracias, Laura.