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23 July 2008

Man o To (Me and you) by Arash Labbaf آرش -Album: Arash Arash

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Man o To (Me and you) by Arash Labbaf آرش -Album: Arash Arash
Translation: Vanda

Refrain 1
د د د دنیا کجایی
do do do donya kojaee?
Hey! Donya (1), where are you?
م م مردم از جدایی
mo mo mo mordam az jodaee
I died because of this separation
اگه پیشم نیایی
age phaloom nayaee
If you won't come on my side
میشم من راهی
misham man rahi
I'll go away

Refrain 2
منو تو میگیم ماااااا
man o to, migim ma
me and you, we say "us"
امروز و فردا اااا
emroz o farda
today and tomorrow

Refrain 1 (2x)

Refrain 2 (2x)

میترسم نیمه ساز بمونه
mitarsam nime saz bemoone
I fear that (our love) will stay still
میترسم بشم من دیوونه
mitarsam besham man divoone
I fear that I'll rave

Refrain 2 (2x)

(1) "Donya" means "world". It also is a name for girls in Iran...

Translator's comment: "words" don't have any place in Arash's songs. in most of his songs, he has focused on melody so if the translation seems a bit foolish it's just his fault...

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