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The Reef by Nora Roberts
Audiobook - 13:18

Хорошая книга, если вас интересует тема "Она вроде намекала, но к себе не подпускала".
Если не интересует - то это произведение разновидности "женский роман" - диагноз, со всеми вытекающими последствиями.


  He wished he could blame this restlessness that chewed at him on something as
simple as sex. But that basic thirst had been slaked. He still wanted her, he
couldn’t look at her and not want her. Yet it went so far beyond the physical.
He supposed it had always been beyond the physical.
How could he explain that he was a different man with her? Could be a different
man if she felt even a shadow for him of what he felt for her. Living without
her was possible. He’d done it before and knew he would do it again. But he
would never be what he wanted to be, or have what he wanted to have, unless she
was part of it.
There was nothing he could do but take what she gave him, and let her go when
the time came.
He knew what it was like to exist for the moment. Most of his life had been like
that. It was demeaning to realize that one woman could make him yearn for a
future, for boundaries and responsibilities.
A woman, he knew, who didn’t believe him capable of accepting any
There was no way to prove her wrong. They both understood that if he found what
he was looking for, he would take it. And he would use it. Once he possessed
Angelique’s Curse, he would lose Tate. There was no way he could hold both of
them, and no way he could live with himself if he ignored his debt to his
Now, alone, watching the stars mirror themselves on the water, he could hope
that the necklace and all it stood for remained buried under the greedy sea.
“I’m sorry.” She came in quickly, her hair flying as she turned to close and
lock the door. “I was sketching the ivory fan and lost track. It’s fantastic to
realize something so delicate could survive untouched and perfect for all these
She stopped. He was staring at her in the way he sometimes did that made her
feel awkward and terrifyingly transparent. What was in his mind? she wondered.
How did he hide those emotions that drove him? It was like looking at a volcano
and knowing that far beneath the surface, lava was boiling.
“Are you angry? It’s only quarter past.”
“No, I’m not angry.” Those eyes, with all the secrets glinting, held hers
relentlessly. “Do you want some wine?”
“You brought wine?” Suddenly nervous, she shook back her hair. “That’s nice.”
“I filched it from La Rue. He picked up some fancy French kind when he went
ashore with Marla the other day. It’s already opened.” Matthew picked up the
bottle and poured two glasses.
“Thanks.” She took the glass and wondered what to do next. Normally, they simply
dived to the floor and tore off their clothes, as greedy as children unwrapping
gifts. “There’s a storm brewing west of here. It could be trouble.”
“It’s still early for hurricanes. Buck’s keeping his eye on it, though. Tell me
about the fan La
Rue brought up this afternoon.”
“It’s probably worth two or three thousand. More to a serious collector.”
He reached out to touch her hair. “Tate, tell me about the fan.”

Lesson 46

motion - движение, ход, продвижение
promotion - про движение, для движения - поощрение, стимулирование

Presently our downward motion ceased,
and I could hear the propellers swirling through the water at our stern
and forcing us ahead at high speed.

Через некоторое время наше нисходящее движение прекратилось,
и я мог слышать пропеллеры вертящимися в воде на корме
и проталкивающими ("силящие") нас вперёд на высокой скорости.

character - буква, иероглиф; цифра; письмо; знак,
character - характер, личность, фигура

His keen grey eyes were undimmed,
and the only lines upon his face were the lines of iron character
and determination.

Его проницательные серые глаза были незатуманены,
и единственные линии на его лице были линии железного характера
и решительности.

moon - луна, спутник ; месяц

We all thought you dead.
I mourned you truly and then,
less than a moon since, I wed with Olvia Marthis.

Мы все думали ты мертва.
Я оплакивал тебя честно и затем,
менее чем через месяц спустя, я женился на Ольве Мартхис.

stick - палка; прут ; трость
to stick - втыкать, вкалывать, прокалывать, вонзать ;
stick, stuck, stuck, sticking

With a wooden stick she tapped upon the bronze disc, lightly,
and presently the summons was answered by a slave girl.

Деревянной палкой, она стукнула по бронзовому диску, слегка,
и реально её зов был отвечен девочкой-рабыней.

necessary - необходимый, нужный, требуемый ; необходимо

"Go!" she said,
"before it is necessary to acquaint my father with the dishonor of his guest."

"Проваливай", она сказала,
"перед тем, как необходимо ознакомить моего отца с бесчестием его гостя."

many - многие, многочисленные; много

"The trouble is there are too many who love you,"
he said. "And now there is another."

"Проблема в том, что слишком много любящих тебя",
он сказал. "И теперь ещё один."


indicator - индикатор, показатель
to indicate - показывать, указывать ;
отображать, значить
indicate, indicated, indicated, indicating

Our particle and field detectors indicate
that we have left the Jovian radiation belts.

Наши детекторы частиц и полей показали,
что мы покинули Юпитерское радиационное поле (пояса).

to carry - везти, перевозить ; носить, переносить (смысл например)
to carry, to carry out -
осуществлять, выполнять
carry, carried, carried, carrying

When you have risen as high as you wish,
set the indicator to the point of the compass you want to follow
and you will be carried by the proper electric force in that direction.

Когда ты поднимешься так высоко, как пожелаешь,
установи индикатор на место в компасе, которому желаешь следовать,
и ты будешь отнесена точной электрической силой в этом направлении.

Miss - мисс, госпожа, барышня (незамужняя)

"You have abandoned me, Miss Rosa,
to seek your pleasure elsewhere."

"Вы покинули меня, мисс Роза,
чтобы искать удовольствий на стороне."


miss - потеря, утрата; недостаток, отсутствие
missing - потерянный, утерянный, пропущенный

missing link - "потерянное звено" (в расследовании например)

The Sphinx is missing a nose. Someone shot it off in a moment of idle desecration.
У сфинкса нет носа. Кто-то отстрелил его в момент ничегонеделательного осквернения.

to miss - промахнуться, утерять; потерпеть неудачу
miss, missed, missed, missing

I have always been very fond of curiosities,
and I made up my mind not to miss the occasion.

Я всегда увлекался диковинками,
и я решил не пропустить случай.

sail - парус, паруса
sailing ships -
плывущие под парусом корабли

to sail - плыть, идти под парусом
sail, sailed, sailed, sailing

Away to the westward a solitary sail stood out
as a dark speck against the great sheet of flame
left by the setting sun.

Вдалеке в западной стороне одинокий парус выделялся
как тёмная точка в большом полотне
оставленном заходящим солнцем.

industry - индустрия, промышленность, производство

At that time German industry had to be drained to help our glorious allies.
В то время, Германская промышленность должна была быть истощена, помогая нашим славным союзникам.


multiplication - умножение
multiplying - умножение, размножение, умножительный
to multiply
- увеличивать, умножать
multiply, multiplied, multiplied, multiplying

The swords made by the gods are beautiful things in themselves.
Шпаги, созданные богами, прекрасные вещи сами по себе.

The ease with which they can be confused
and the restrictions on their use multiply dramatic possibilities.

Лёгкость, с которой они могут быть сбиты с толку,
и ограничения в их использовании, множат драматические возможности (исходы).

need - необходимость, нужда , потребность
to need - нуждаться (в чем-л.) ;
need, needed, needed, needing

The practical thought had occurred to him
that if he ran away for very long
he was going to need some food.

Практическая мысль посетила его,
что если он убежит надолго,
ему будет нужна еда.

captain - капитан, глава, начальник ; предводитель, капитан

If the Voyager missions were manned, the captain would keep a ship's log.
Если бы миссия Вояджера пилотировалась, капитан вёл бы бортовой журнал.

neck - шея, шейка

Its long neck bent,
its eyes searched half-intelligently for the source of the voice
that cried at it.

Его длинная шея согнулась (согнута),
его глаза искали полуразумно источник голоса,
который закричал на него.


mount - взбирание, посадка, влезание
to mount - взбираться, садиться (на лошадь, велосипед, и т.д.) ;
монтировать (орудие, оборудование, и.т.д.)
mount, mounted, mounted, mounting

By Heaven, I adjure you, let us disembark, and mount the summit and explore!
Молю небесами, давайте выгрузимся, и влезем на вершину, и изучим!

to invent - изобретать, создавать, придумывать
invent, invented, invented, inventing

When I was a boy, I invented a game called fireball,
which entailed soaking a tennis ball in kerosene,
lighting it on fire, and playing catch with it wearing a pair of garden gloves.

Когда я был мальчиком, я изобрёл игру "шаровая молния",
которая влекла за собой пропитывание теннисного мяча в керосине,
поджигание его, и играя ловить его, нося пару садовых рукавиц.

mix, mixture  - микс, смесь, смешение
mixing - перемешивание, смешивание
to mix - мешать, смешивать, перемешивать

mix, mixed, mixed, mixing

Overall, I had extremely mixed feelings about the 1998 Tour.
В целом, у меня были чрезвычайно смешанные чувства о Туре 1998.